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The Bauer Family Reunion Planning Committee is excited to announce the next Bauer family reunion will be held on Sunday, August 9, 2015.  The family reunion is for all of the ancestors and descendants of Leonard Bauer and Helena Weins/Weintz.
Leonard Bauer was born on September 16, 1812 in Edingen, Kreis Trier, Germany.  Leonard is the second oldest of ten children born to Wilhelm Bauer and Anna Maria Kohnen.   Leonard married Helena Weintz on April 21, 1842 at St. Lambert Catholic Church in Edingen, Germany.  Leonard and Helena had seven children: Christoph, Johann, Peter, Anna Maria (Mary), Susanna, Nikolaus and Peter.  Leonard passed away on September 5, 1858 in Edingen, Germany.  Their son Peter passed away on September 13, 1845 in Edingen, Germany.
Helena Weins was born November 21, 1818, in Ferschweiler, Kreis Trier, Germany.  Helena is the daughter of Matthias Weintz and Susanna Ries.  Helena is one of four children born of this union. 
In the spring of 1873, Helena along with her children Christ, Mary, Susanna and Peter boarded a Cunard Line ship called the S. S. Abyssinia in Antwerp.  After a three week journey, the ship arrived at Castle Gardens in New York on May 3, 1873.   Two of her sons were already in the United States awaiting the rest of the family’s arrival. 
Recently, our genealogy research has provided us with some “new vines to our strong roots.”  We have found relatives for these family lines: 
  • Leonard and Helena’s children:
    • Christoph and family in Minnesota
    • Nikolaus and family in Missouri and Ohio
    • Peter and family in Texas and Arkansas
    • John's wife Kate (daughter-in-law) and family in Washington
    • Mary and family in Minnesota and Michigan
    • Susanna and family in Minnesota and Texas
    • Peter (passed away in Germany)
      **Details for these families will be found under the Leonards Family Line link to the left.**
  • Helena’s side of the family:
    • Uncle John Ries and his family in Iowa
  • Leonard’s side of the family:
    • Sister - Susanna and Peter Schweizer family in Minnesota
    • Nephew - Johann and family in Minnesota
    • Nephew - Mathias and Anna Wirfs family in Minnesota
    • Many relatives in Germany in the towns of Edingen, Ferschweiler, Welschbillig, Alsdorf, and Trier
We are continuing our efforts on finding more relatives that came to America such as: Leonard's sister Anna Maria Bauer married Peter Weber and a nephew Mathias and Mary (Theisen) Weber (son of his sister Anna Bauer who married Nicholas Weber).
We need your help on a couple of items:
  1. Please help pass the word about the reunion.
  2. Please take a few seconds and cast your votes below.  The results of the quiz and poll will help us to make the best decisions when planning the reunion.
We hope that you and your family will join us in attending this reunion. 

Send us a note from the Contact Us page if you are interested in assisting us with planning the reunion or volunteering during the reunion.  As the old saying goes "Many hands make for little work." 

2015 Bauer Family Reunion Planning Committee
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